ahu - air handling unit



Post ImageAir handling units are designed for cooling, ventiation, and/or heating applicatoins.  AHUs can incorporate an air intake plenum section, retuarn air section, mixing box section, and a full economizer section. AHUs can range anywhere from 500 cfm to 150,000 cfm.. 




mzu - multi-zone unit



Post ImageMulti-zone units consist of several openings to guide air into seperate ducts which lead to different rooms. This can be achieved by placing a multi-zone damper at the supply air opening.  Each zone of the damper would be sized to provide the desired airflow for the room. In the case where a unit has both heating a cooling, a customer may want a double-deck unit. This is where the heating and cooling each have their seperate supply air openings.


MAU - Make-up air unit



Post ImageMAUs consist of cooling, ventilation, and single or multiple stage heating such as gas fired heaters. MAUs are best when the incoming air is limited.




icu - indirect cooling unit



Post ImageICUs are units which consist of a tube type heat exchanger to cool the air indirect with water. Dynamic air Technology's indirect section consists of a tube type heat excanger.  Air gets pushed through the tubes while water falls over the tubes. 


DAT is currenty working with others to bring forward a new high efficiency indirect cooling technology.




mec - media evaporative cooling



Post ImageMEC units are those which consist of high efficiency media to cool the air with direct contact with water.


Water is poured over an evaporative cooling pad while air is blown through the media.


eru - energy recovery unit



Post ImageEnergy recovery units incorporate techniques that uses return air to transfer heat to the supply air without directly mixing in the airstream. A couple examples are heat wheels and plate type heat exchangers.



FFU - Fan Filter unit



Post ImageFan filter units are great for filtering out the air. Typically, FFUs consist of a blower and filter. Types of filters include pre-filters, bag filters, AND HEPA filters.



DAU - deep bed air unit



Post ImageDAUs are perfect for odor, corrosion, and filter control.  Popular in the oil & gas refineries, incineration plants, and waste transfer stations, the DAU is capable of filtering and cooling in special conditions.  The unit on the left has explosion proof enclosures and components.



mfu - Multi Fan unit



Post ImageA MFU is the idea of replacing a unit with one or two large fans with a unit that has multiple smaller fans. There are many benifits that result from this.

Retrofits are possible for existing units.





CE - Chiller Enclosure



Post ImageDAT is capable of building fully customized chiller enclosures. The enclosure on the left has roll-up doors on both sides, an exhaust fan, and a cieling railing used to lift internal components.