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Dynamic Air Technology uses a wide variety of fans from several manufacturers to ensure the air handling unit opperates at its full potential.


A few of DAT's most commonly used fans are

     - DWDI (Double Width Double Inlet)

     - Belt driven plenum fans.

     - Direct driven plenum fans.

     - Plug fans.


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Plenum fans are capable of having monitoring systems installed to monitor CFM, RPM, static pressure, and other measurements not listed.


All fans can be coated and/or have the wheel composed a different material to satisfy customer needs. Stainless steel wheels and even painted wheels are possible.


In the case of multiple fans, a backdraft damper or blank off plate can be provided to ensure no reverse airflow.


There are also a large variety of motors that are used, but most common are the following.

     - ODP

     - TEFC

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     - ECM

     - Explosion Proof


Dynamic Air Technology has tested many EC Motors from several manufacturers and only uses those which showed the best results in both efficiency and sound. 







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Dynamic Air Technology selects all cooling components to meet the customers needs and wants. All cooling components are sized to perform at the best efficiency. Most common cooling components are


     - Chilled water cooling coils

     - Direct expansion cooling coils

     - Direct evaporative cooling

     - Indirect evaporative cooling


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DAT is known to work with many different types of heating components.  Depending on where the unit is going as well as what the application of the unit is, a heater type can be chosen to meet the customers needs.The following are most commonly used components.


     - Hot water coil

     - Steam coil

     - Electric heaters

     - Direct fired gas heaters

     - Indirect fired gas heaters

     -Drum and tube heaters






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A filter can be choosen depending on what the customer may want filtered and/or what efficiency the customer may want. Filters efficiency range anywhere from 30% to 99.99%. The following are commonly used filters in air handling equipment.


     - 2" Pleated filters

     - 4" Mini-pleat filters

     - 12" Rigid filters

     - HEPA filters

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     - Bag filters

     - Aluminum washable filters

     - Carbon filters

     - Chemical filters