Typical Indirect Section Bigger units require indirect sections to be built in sections. Indirect section distribution center. DAT uses different types of exhaust fans based on customer needs. Another type of exhaust fan.  This type greatly reduces noise. Direct section Direct section with PVC distribution system.  Notice the water addjustment valve on the bottom left and the valve used for cleaning on the right. Optional copper pipe distribution system.  This unit uses a submersible type water pump. All units have a low water switch and a flow adjsutment valve. Sometimes a customer may want to have an end suction pump instead of a submersible type pump. In front of the direct cooling section, an optional moisture eliminator can be added. Water intake and dump valves are all covered by a small hood for protection from the outside environment. DAT is capable of doing many different sizes and layouts using indirect and direct cooling. All indirect and/or direct cooling sections are provided with electrical to interface with a thermostat. Rotary evap. cooling unit. Heat wheel installed inside the unit. Plate type heat exchanger.