Typical AHU.  Note the intake hood with bird screen. Face loaded filters:  Filters are removed from the inside of the unit. Side loaded filters: Filters are removed by opening a side access panel and simply slid out of the unit. Being fully customizable, DAT is capable of arranging filters to fit inside tight spaces.  Each filter is sized for no more than 500 FPM unless noted otherwise. When CHW cooling coils are stacked, an intermediate drain pan is positioned between the two coils. All drain pans are double pitched and sloped with drain connections. Similar to filters, DAT can reposition coils in such a manner to fit inside needed dimensions. Another example of a slanted coil configuration. Also note the horizontally placed backdraft dampers. You can see from the image how the coil connections stick out of the unit for easy access. Other options are available.  Note the dampers as well.  The bottom are standard dampers while the black colored is a minimum outside air damper with a monitoring station. This is an example of a multi-zone damper. Another example of multi-zone dampers with actuators. Optional fan guards to prevent body injury. DAT is capable of installing motors outside of the unit by extending the fan shaft.  All of these units will have the belt and pully guarded to prevent injury. Another example of a fan and belt guard. Outdoor units are constructed with a pitched roof to prevent water from resting on the unit and causing rust. This is an example of an indoor unit.  Also note how the VFDs are externally mounted.  DAT standard paint color is stone gray, but units can be painted any color the customer would like. Electrical components can also be housed inside if the unit if there is adequate room. DAT has several types of doors that can be used.  This shows standard door construction type.  Windows are optional.  Also note the filter gauge, light switch,  and GFI on the side of the door.  DAT can provide doors that swing against pressure. This is an example of a unit going inside the classroom.  Unit is completely flush including the doors with locks instead of handles to prevent children from accessing. DAT double wall units can be provided with solid liner as well as perforated liner.  When perforated liner is requiested, doors also have perforated lining. Unit doors are capable of having open and closing access form the inside.  Be sure to note the vapor proof light fixure in the picture. Lights can be placed in as many sections as requested. This multi fan unit is lighted by a unit light. Alos note the floor is an aluminum tread plate.  There are several floor types that can be chosen. When there is a floor opening, a walk on grating can be provided. 2" 1.5# fiberglass insulation between panels. DAT is capable of foam injected insulation.  This picture shows a thermal break foam injected panel with a cam lock mechanism for attaching panels. This is an example of how foam injected units are assembled. DAT being fully customizable can incorporate anything into their unit. This is a picture of humidifiers. Some units are too large to ship as a single piece and so units must be split.  Note the brackets along the ends that are used to attach the units togeter at the jobsite.  All necessary joining hardware is included. DAT is capable of providing roof curbs at all sorts of shapes and sizes. DAT is capable of performing tests on their units prior to shipping through third party company. Another example of different types of tests. Before shipping, units are protected by covering necessary opening with sheet metal.